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From our founder, Kathy...

If I had only known... That's the statement I have heard for years while working in healthcare, from patient care to autopsies.  I have seen first hand the lasting effects that addiction had not only on the addicts themselves, but also on the loved ones often left behind.  Time and time again I heard the same phrase: "If I had only known."


After leaving health care due to a work injury, I started to get bored and began drinking.  I soon realized that I too was going down the same dangerous road I had seen so many patients travel before me.


As a mother, wife, responsible business owner and community member, no one ever suspected me of being an alcoholic, including my husband.  Because I didn't appear to be the "typical addict" I found it difficult to get noticed, let alone get the help I so desperately wanted.  

I eventually found my path to recovery and again heard that familiar phrase, this time from my own husband: "If I had only known".  Now, many years sober, I and my canine companions are helping the loved ones of children, and potential drug abusers, in answering the question: is my child using....before they too say,

 If I had only known. 

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