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In appreciation I will be sending a gratitude bead strand.

What Gratitude Beads mean to me.


Many years ago I was presented a beautiful little bag of Gratitude Beads from a stranger at my local grocery store.  She handed me a beautiful little bag containing a strand of 10 Gratitude Beads accompanied by the explanation of how to use them and walked away without saying a word.  I was so touched by this little old lady out in the parking lot and her genuine act of kindness that I now live my life with this mindset.  Every day I start my day listing ten things I wish to be grateful for that day.  Most of us could sail way past ten…..



When I help parents to navigate whether their teen is using drugs or not, it can be an overwhelming, sad or even devastating journey.  After getting this knowledge parents can sometimes feel a range of emotions….whatever the outcome, I believe we all have at least ten things to be grateful for every day.  I always leave the families I work with a pretty little bag of gratitude beads, along with their instructions to help remind them of that.




For those of you who bless this company with a donation I would like to give you some Gratitude Beads to show my gratitude. A package comes with a gratitude strand, the written explanation of how to use them, a beautiful little bag and our deep felt gratitude.

Note: As a donor, you can deduct contributions you make under IRC Section 170. 


Striking, colorful and somewhat unusual 10 mm square glass beads finished with a silver tone leaf.  Brings happiness just looking at it! 


Fascinating shades of purple are on display with these 10 mm semi precious Amethyst and purple spacer glass beads. Amethyst is found in Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Russia, United States of America, Uruguay and Zambia.  The spiritual meaning of Amethyst represents peace, cleansing and a calming energy. This strand is finished with a beautiful purple angel.


Fun and colorful 15 mm assorted plastic stars with assorted wooden spacer beads.  This one is finished with a cross.  What a fun way to teach your young ones how nice it is to be grateful for the people, opportunities, food, pets or toys they might have in their lives…..


Captivating 12 mm etched Soap Stone with bone spacer beads from India.  Soap Stone is commonly believed to have a soothing, balancing effect while creating a positive, calming energy. This strand is finished with  a silver tone dragonfly.


Adorable 12 mm yellow wooden beads with various facial expressions.  What an opportunity to teach the little ones how to be grateful throughout all of these stages.  This strand is finished with a cross.


These alluring 10mm smooth glass beads fluctuate from shades of blues and greens separated by small bi-cone glass beads.  It’s a very soothing feeling in the hand.  This strand is finished with a silver tone butterfly. 


Gorgeous shades of greens and earth tones in these 10 mm semi-precious “Fancy Jasper” beads separated by black glass faceted spacer beads.  It has been said the Jasper is the “Supreme Nurturer” of all the gemstones and is said to help achieve a state of calm and zen.  It’s also said to protect your energy by absorbing negativity.  This strand in finished with a butterfly.


Bewitching Semi-precious Yellow Tiger Eye has colors reminiscent of a real tiger’s eye.  This popular semi-precious gemstone is a variety of quartz that has golden to red-brown shades. It can be found in Australia, South Africa, USA and Brazil. The spiritual meaning is said to represent the power, courage, and fearlessness of the tiger. This strand is made with 10mm Tiger Eye beads, semi-precious Hematite spacers and finished with a feather.


Dazzling Rhodonite is a semi-precious gemstone, with distinctive shades of pink and has been named the stone of love.  It is an uncommon mineral found in just a few areas across the world such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, India, Peru, Russia and Sweden.  This beautiful gratitude strand has 10mm beads with semiprecious Hematite spacers and finished with a breast cancer awareness bead.


Elegant Natural Jade is mainly found in Eastern Siberia, but can also be found in the Polar Urals and Krasnoyarsk Territory deposits.  Jade stones have been used in Feng Shui for centuries to achieve feelings of harmony, love and balance.   This beautiful strand of 10 mm Natural Jade beads separated by small Amazonite beads and this strand is finished with an animal paw.


Natural Gold Sandstone is also know by many other names…Aventurine Glass, Gold Star Glass, Monkstone, Stellaria and Monk’s Gold. It starts out by melting silica, copper oxide, and other metal oxides to chemically reduce the copper ions to elemental coppers.  It is considered to be a man-made healing crystal and is said to help build, maintain and strengthen relationships.  This gratitude bead strand is 10mm Gold Sandstone with copper glass spacer beads ending with a copper cross.


Beautiful faceted amber 12 mm glass beads separated by two smaller amber glass beads finished with a matching feather gives a luxurious look.


These stunning 10mm semi-precious Green Aventurine beads are separated by smaller semi-precious Hematite beads.  

Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and thought to be the luckiest of all crystals.  This stone is found in India, China, Tamil Nadu and Rutland, Vermont.

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